complete the Healing Touch program.  The Healing Touch program is an incredible program in which I have grown as a person and as an energy healer. 

As a child, I always felt a connection to animals.  Instead of pushing my dolls in a stroller like most toddlers, I would take my rabbits for walks in the stroller.  I had a guinea pig who lived to the ripe old age of 8 and acted more like a dog than a guinea pig; always following me around and sleeping soundly in my lap.  

After our wedding, my husband and I added our cat, Mittens, to be part of our family. Then came 2 beautiful children, and a Golden Retriever puppy named Sheba.  Our pets became a huge part of our family over the years.  Many have passed, but will never be forgotten.  They are forever in our hearts.  We will one day meet them again on the Rainbow Bridge. 

I knew early in life that I wanted to help people and animals, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that my journey began.  I was introduced to Reiki and quickly recognized this was my true calling. After becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, I still felt the need to continue advancing my energy healing practice, and went on to

I went on to add Certified Life Coaching to my scope of work and started seeing more and more clients who were diagnosed with cancer.  Wanting to educate myself on how to help others cope with cancer holistically, I became a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach through   Knowledge is power to make changes for a more wholesome, healthy life. I will continue to learn how to better help people and animals along their journey to improve their wellbeing. At the moment, I am studying to become a Clinical Aromatherapist. Essential Oils are therapeutic oils from Mother Earth and are also mentioned in the Bible many times. I also became a Certified Holistic Minister to meet the spiritual needs of my clients. 

To acknowledge my overwhelming need to help animals, I completed the Level 1 and 2 Level “Reiki for Animals” class. I then enrolled in the Healing Touch for Animals program to become an animal practitioner.  I have found that it not only balances them, physically, emotionally and mentally, but that it also helps to restore trust in animals who have learned to associate touch with pain. I also incorporate therapeutic essential oils, and tuning fork therapy (sound therapy) with this gentle energy therapy. To Further my understanding of horses, I enrolled in classes to learn natural horsemanship at Sweet Meadow Stables.  I loved the classes so much that I went on to  become an instructor on basic natural horsemanship.  It has empowered me with self-growth, especially as a Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner.  

“I love working with animals.  They soak up the energy.  I have seen high-strung horses totally relax and nearly fall asleep during a session.  It is truly amazing.  They really reap the benefits and love receiving Healing Touch.”

After my beloved cat, Zeus, died I decided to offer support for client’s dealing with the nearly impossible decision of euthanasia.  My family and I felt so scattered and devastated on the morning we knew Zeus needed to move on from this physical life. After his passing, I decided to offer The Rainbow Bridge package, so that no one feels alone while going through the heart-aching time of losing a pet.  



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