Welcome to Oasis Healing Center

Welcome to Oasis Healing Center

My private practice provides holistic services to assist animals with their healing process.  I welcome all pets, including working animals, farm animals and wild animals.  I am a Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner (HTAP), a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) for people,  Reiki  Master/Teacher, and an instructor of Basic Natural Horsemanship, better known as horse whispering, at Sweet Meadow Stables in Roxana, DE. 


Healing Touch or Reiki  sessions are a safe, gentle holistic approach of influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy and intention.   It can be used on all species:  small and large animals, birds, aquatics and exotics.  The techniques provide physical, emotional, mental and instinctual stability by restoring harmony and balance to the animal's energy system.  When the energy system is stabilized, it allows the natural succession of the immune system, which promotes well-being and encourages the healing system.    Each session is customized to meet your pet’s specific needs. I also use therapeutic essential oils and tuning fork therapy (sound therapy) when needed during the healing process.


Healing Touch builds the animal/human bond, reduces stress and anxiety, helps animals understand appropriate behavior and supports animals through injuries, illnesses, trauma, or abuse. It also builds a solid support system for animals with cancer, develops confidence for training and competition and supports animals during the end-of-life transition.


I am available for in-person treatment sessions and distance healing sessions.  I offer an initial complementary consultation to answer any questions you may have.  I have a private energy medicine practice in Roxana, DE,  while also traveling to the client’s home or barn, when requested, to treat your loving pet in their home environment.


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"I believe that animals have thought processes, feelings, emotions, social connections and personalities, just as humans do. All animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect." 

Benefits of Energy Healing 


*Reduces pain and anxiety

*Relieves stress and depression

*Provides support during chemotherapy and radiation

*Strengthens the immune system

*Creates a sense of well-being

*Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain

*Enhances recovery from surgery

*Deepens spiritual connection

*Supports the dying process

*Reduces the length of hospital stays

*Improves mobility after surgery


*Builds the animal/human bond

*Reduces stress and anxiety

*Helps animals understand

  appropriate behavior

*Supports animals through injuries and


*Supports animals through physical

  and emotional trauma and abuse

*Builds a solid support system for

  cancer clients

*Develops confidence for training and


*Supports animals during the end-of-life



HTA works as a cooperative adjunct with traditional veterinary medicine to provide the best health care for our animals. 

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37232 Lighthouse Road #108, West Fenwick, DE 19975 

Sessions also available at client's house, vet, or barn, when requested

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